“Grail Knight”

Angus Donald

This grail quest follows “Warlord” in Donald’s “Outlaw Chronicles”. It’s a good adventure, though it doesn’t develop the characters much. Donald’s decision to make Little John openly gay and the fact that the other characters accept it is a huge anachronism in a series that I’ve always thought did an unusually (for the genre) good job of representing Medieval thinking.


Angus Donald

As “Warlord” opens the narrator, Alan Dale, begins to wonder whether his liege lord, the Earl of Locksley, also known as Robin Hood, is really behind the murder of Dale’s father. The resolution plays out against the war between England and France as Richard Lionheart attempt to secure his domains in Normandy. The contrast between Dale’s Christian beliefs and Locksley’s avarice provides additional interest and depth.

This book follows “King’s Man” in Angus Donald’s “Outlaw Chronicles” series. It’s a series that keeps getting better and better and whose characters are more believable Medieval that the ones in most novels set in the same era.