“Iron Gray Sea”

Taylor Anderson

I’m now going to annoy both my readers with a string of nearly empty posts. I’m trying to catch the blog up to my reading. As usual, I read a couple of dozen books without posting anything. A half dozen were from a binge read of the “Destroyermen series“. I like the series (with one exception so far). But because a) my comments about each one are mostly the same, b) I’m behind, and c) I’m lazy, I’m just going to list them in the next few posts.

“Iron Gray Sea” is number seven in the series.


Taylor Anderson

This follows “Rising Tides” in the “Destroyermen” series. There’s plenty of action as the war continues on several fronts and technology advances by leaps and bounds. I only wish Anderson wasn’t so fond of endless lists: list of characters at a meeting, lists of ships in a fleet, etc. The detail can be smothering and doesn’t usually help to move the story along.