American Monks Re-establish Benedictine Abbey — And Brew — In Italy

From Crux, “The Benedictines: They’ll be back“:

Religious life in Norcia was suppressed by Napoleon in 1810. The present community was founded in Rome in 1998 by the Rev. Cassian Folsom, with the help of then-Benedictine Abbot Primate Marcel Rooney. Folsom was originally a monk of St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana and was given permission to embark on this pioneering mission. In 2000, Folsom, with a group of young, mostly American men moved to Norcia.

And they brew beer:

In the birth place of Saint Benedict set in the beautifully preserved nature of the Umbrian landscape, the monks of Norcia brew this beer with the finest ingredients, following the ancient monastic tradition. We invite you to enjoy Birra Nursia in the company of friends and family, “Ut Laetificet Cor”, that the heart might be gladdened.

The monks in this brewery tour look like the hipster brewers at many of the craft breweries I’ve visited:

And finally, a more reflective look at the monks’ mission. I have got to visit this place.