Blog Anniversary

Last July 11th was the 15th anniversary of this blog. I meant to have a 15th anniversary post, but of course my posting was far behind my reading. It’s taken me this long to catch up. So here’s my belated anniversary post.

My first post was 15 years, 7 months, and 13 days ago; that was 5707 days ago. Since then I’ve posted 939 times; 913 of the posts have been book reviews. Of the book reviews, 476 have been for fiction and 437 for non-fiction.

On average, I’ve been reading a book every 6.25 days for the last decade and a half. That doesn’t include books I started but didn’t finish or books I just skimmed or dipped into.

I don’t consider any of this particularly remarkable, though I think I can claim the title of “oldest blog with the least readers”. What amazes me is all the other changes that have take place since I started blogging.

Fifteen years ago I was a software developer for a company that no longer exists. Now I’m retired. My wife and I had just passed our 25th anniversary. Now we’ve been married over 40 years. What surprises me most is that my immediate family back then consisted of me, my wife, and two sons. Now it’s the four of us plus two wonderful daughters-in-law and, as of this week, 8 amazing grandchildren. The oldest grandchild, at 6, is already reading at 2nd grade level, and I expect she’ll beat my stats. The other ones (well, except for the newest one, but give him time, he mostly sleeps right now) aren’t quite readers, but they are voracious consumers of books. And I just now realized that I haven’t blogged about the many kids books I’ve read over the last several years.

I’m tempted to figure out how many more books I can read given an average life expectancy. But retirement brings increased time for reading, so that estimate would not only be depressing, but probably inaccurate. I’ll update you if I’m still here in another 15 years.

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