“Living A Satisfying Retirement”

Bob Lowry

A few months ago, satisfied with my financial retirement planning, I started to look for advice about the non-financial aspects of retirement. Sadly, there’s not a lot out there, happily I did discover the extremely helpful blog “A Satisfying Retirement – Is a Lifestyle You Choose”. As of mid-April 2015 it’s no longer being updated, but it remains online and blogger Bob Lowry’s posts and his readers’ comments are a treasure trove of commentary about life after job.

Lowry wrote the Kindle ebook I’ve reviewing here. The book is a collection of interviews with a variety of retired folks about the same sorts of things he wrote about in his blog. The interviews have specific tips, but the biggest lesson for me was that there are as many styles of “satisfying retirement” as there are retirees. Generally people emphasized maintaining human contacts and paying attention to preventive health, but even in those areas there are many approaches.

I really appreciate the Lowry has given people like me: access to the wisdom and experiences of people a few years further along life’s path.

(Another great resource with a similar focus is Del Lowery’s podcast “Retirement Talk”.)